5 Must visit places in Portugal

As we all are experiencing a hard time during the pandemic and lock down,and traveling is restricted,that will not stop us from hoping for the future and going back to normality.

One of the most preferred tourist destination is Portugal,with a lot of choices for every kind of tourism. It is not hard to choose,but we made a list of “must visit” places in Portugal.

We sorted at least 5 of must visit places.

1.Belem tower

Belem Tower

Known as the place where all the Lisbon tourists meet,Belém Tower was first built to defend Lisbon. Years later, it was transformed into a lighthouse and later still a customs center.

For all the history lovers,here you will find and explore a good part of the history of years 1514-1520,and the Manueline style the tower was built by the  Portuguese architect and sculptor Francisco de Arruda.

Belem tower is a great place where most of the tourists take amazing photo shooting with the stunning view it offers by it. So don’t miss Belem Tower and Belem area!

2.Park and national palace of pena

Pena Palace

Standing atop a rocky peak,the highest point in Sintra,the palace is located in the eastern part of the Park of Pena. The Palace itself is composed of two wings: the former Manueline monastery of the Order of St. Jerome and the wing built in the 19th century by King Ferdinand II.

This is another spot for the history lovers,as you will find a lot of history and useful information which makes even more attractive to visit here. Rather than that,the colorful Palace and the 500 of different trees species Pena Park makes a perfect spot for your photography collection.

3.Terra nostra garden

We all love nature,but Terra Nostra Garden is something special.

Terra Nostra Garden

At Terra Nostra, you can find flora typical of the Azores, as well as numerous plants native to countries with climates that are completely different to that of Furnas. This adaptation has been made possible, in part, by the shared experience of Terra Nostra’s gardeners, who have been successful in adapting various plants, species and varieties to the existing conditions of the garden.In a garden which is two hundred years old, along a number of different possible pathways, you can find plants in very different phases of growth.

For some quiet and calming family weekend,Terra Nostra Garden fits perfect for any kind of enjoyment.

4.city of Porto

City of Porto

One of the oldest cities in Europe,is home to beautiful plazas, churches and houses with colourfully tiled façades.Porto offers some amazing view,from the Douro river,to the Dom Luis I Bridge which have a spectacular sight.

Let’s not talk about port wine of Porto,which is the most prestigious and well-known of the Portuguese wines and one of the most consumed in Europe.Obviously. Although touristy, a visit to a wine cellar and taste Port wine is a great experience.

5.Cabo da roca

If you go to Sintra,don’t miss the chance to visit the westernmost point of maindland Europe,Cabo da Roca.

Cabo da Roca

Around 150 metres above the sea, here you can have a panoramic view over the Serra de Sintra and the coast, which makes it worth the visit.Historical records indicate that there was a fort on Cabo da Roca in the 17th century that played an important part in guarding the entrance to Lisbon’s harbour, forming a defensive line along the coast, especially during the Peninsular Wars. Today there are only traces, as well as the lighthouse which is still an important point for navigation.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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